Sunday, November 4, 2007

Questions and Answers about the Karelian Bear Dog

I would like to know more on the karelian breed as far as using them for bear hunting. If you have any links to information on training, maintenance, etc?

This is an excellent site that tells about hunting with Karelian Bear Dogs.

Do I need to keep them penned up like regular hound dogs?

Most of our dogs are penned just because of their investment and to protect them from accident. However, if you have country space they do very well free also. They set their territory around their place and then they stay in that home area. They might like to go adventuring if they have a chance but they then return home.
Most places do not have space for free roaming dogs, and the dogs are safer confined. A remote collar can be used to set up an invisible fence to contain the dog in the area of the owners choosing.

Will they travel long distances on a hunt?

This is a very hardy breed and they will hunt as long as the owner wants them too. Also they are pretty good at pulling a sled for quite a distance.

I live in the mountains so can they handle rough terrain on a hunt?

We also live in the mountains and the dogs handle rough terrain and extreme cold with no problems. They are a tough Northern Breed of dog.

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