Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Karelian Bear Dog Film on Animal Planet

I watched a film on Animal Planet about Karelian Bear Dogs, but this is my experience with the dogs and in these points I disagree.

Karelian Bear Dogs have always been wonderful with kids and that is why
we had them for our children especially when we were hiking in the mountains of Montana where there is a lot of mountain lions and bears.

One of our dogs (named Twinkles) also was a wonderful search dog in that the kids could never lose her no matter how hard they tried. She just smelled their trail and found them right off, every single time.

Also the film said Karelian Bear Dogs are like slimmer Akitas, not so, as Akitas are 80 to 120 lbs, while KBDs are 40 to 65 lbs.

They said Karelians are hard to train, but I found the exact opposite to be true. KBDs have a strong will power, but they
can learn obedience training so much faster then most all the other breeds.

A trainer friend of mine said he could teach the Karelian Bear Dog in one hour what it took a week to teach most the other breeds. They are very smart and also trainable.


  1. Nice blog. I wish you posted more, though. We just got a wonderful puppy, half Karelian Bear Dog and half Siberian Husky. Except for her eyes, she looks like a Karelian. She's about 9 weeks old, very bright and stubborn. :) Will need some training, and I am looking for information on how to do that. Thanks for the info you post here!
    Jenny in Alaska

  2. Sounds like you have a nice puppy Jenny. I will try to keep posting things that may be of interest to training and enjoying your puppy.
    Thanks for your comments.